Welcome to fellow believers!

WordSowers is a fellowship of Christians whose aim is to bring the Word of God - and especially the Good News of Salvation - the Gospel of the grace of God to all men everywhere.

This is done through the distribution of Gospel literature from door-to-door together with follow-up visits.

This is a local church-based mission which encourages the evangelistic work of local churches where the gospel is faithfully preached and the Bible is the foundation of all doctrine and practice.


A Special Welcome too
to those who
are seeking faith!

We trust you will find much here to encourage you in your search. Our main purpose is to make the Good News of salvation known to all.

We take the name WordSowers from a story that Jesus Christ told in which he likened the Word of God to seed sown in various types of soils. If you don't know the story, you can read it on "The Message" page.

If you know yourself as a sinner
to be in need of God's mercy and grace
go immediately to the Good News